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iPhone 4 and Deathgrip

I know, another blog post about antennagate.
But I never bought the story as it’s told, and so I just went ahead and placed a preorder for the iPhone 4.

Last friday I got one. Immediately tested for deathgrip, and while you can see bars drop, it’s nowhere near to what the press and competition is telling the world.
First question you would have to ask yourself; is it true that this turns your phone into an unusable gadget? Because if it doesn’t, and I can still place calls without dropping them, why would I care if my signal drops 1 or 2 bars?

Well… it isn’t true. I haven’t had a single dropped call so far. Is there no such thing as “Death grip” then? Sure there is, but it’s not a problem. If I push hard on ‘X marks the spot’, it will drop bars. As many as 3. If you’re in an area with very bad reception, that can be enough to get you the dreaded and feared “No service” status. In a more normal situation, say medium to bad reception, it’ll drop to 1 bar, but it won’t drop the signal, nor does it drop your call. I have to grip it in a really unusual way, and on top of that, push kinda hard to get some bars to disappear. Not happening in real life. If that is your normal way of using a phone, you would suffer from RSI after a conversation of half an hour.. So it seems Steve was right with his famous response: “Just don’t hold it that way”. Because if you don’t push hard enough on exactly the right spot, nothing will happen (ok, it might drop a bar if you just touch it with sweaty hands). And if you want to do that, you’ll look pretty silly holding the phone to your ear like that. 😉

Then I took a look at my company Blackberry Bold 9700. You know, the company who got really pissed at Apple for using them as an example to tell other brands had the same problem. They were in total denial. “No sir, our phones don’t do that!” Well, they do.. Just shot a small video of me gripping, sorry holding, the BB in the same “death grip” and presto. Say bye to the bars.

Does it drop to “No service”, or does it drop calls? It doesn’t. Same as the iPhone 4, normal usage is no problem. If you’re not trying to force something by doing stupid grips, which aren’t happening in real life situation, all is fine. But what can we conclude on this then? Is the Blackberry going to have the same Antennagate in a few weeks from now? Of course not. Why not? People like bashing Apple. It happens to you when you get successful.

I knew I was right when I decided to go through with the preorder. So far every phone Apple released has had a huge problem according to press and trolls on the net. Also all of those problems dissapeared after the phone being a few months in it’s lifecycle. Every single one of them. Remember the cracks in the cases? Huge problem! Never heard of it after half a year. Yeah, some people had a problem, but not as many as everyone would like you to believe. The brown coloring of the back of the white phone? Non existent, never heard of it again in a later stadium. Screens bursting in peoples faces? Same story. So while Antennagate is measurable, I think it’ll go away in a few months. Maybe I’m wrong, but this looks exactly the same as all releases so far. It’s just that this one is bigger in the press. :)

Disclaimer; Although I did a fair share of calls, and to my current opinion there is no problem, I might be a little early and maybe I’ll throw the iPhone 4 out of the window if next week calls start dropping. Not that I think it will, judging the facts now. But we never know until testing in the long term proves the facts. But after short term testing I’ll stick to this post. Over hyped. There is no antennagate.

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